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Generation Dead: Introductory Workshop

Yesterday was my first lecture and seminars for ‘Generation Dead: Young Adult Fiction and the Gothic’. The chosen readings for the lecture were: Catherine Spooner, ‘Teen Demons’, Contemporary Gothic, 87-123; Roz Kaveney, ‘Dark Fantasy and Paranormal Romance’, Cambridge Companion to … Continue reading

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Aiken Drum and the Scottish Brownie

The last time I was in Glasgow I came across this rather spooky painting of Aiken Drum or ‘the Brownie of Blednoch’ by E.A. Hornel (1889) in the Kelvin Grove Gallery and Museum The image is inspired by a poem … Continue reading

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Werewolves and Wildness: OGOM Publication News

This is the second publication to develop out of our fantastic Company of Wolves conference. There has never been an edition of Gothic Studies on werewolves so this is an absolute first! Thank you to all the contributors for their … Continue reading

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Saint Death: 2017 The Year of Mexican Gothic

Marcus Sedgwick has been linked to OGOM since its beginnings in 2010. He has appeared at all 3 conferences and has generously offered up essays for both of the OGOM edited collections. His latest essay is intriguingly called ‘Wolves and … Continue reading

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Invisible Library and Visual Librarians

I’ve been meaning to blog for a while about a variant of fantasy and paranormal romance that I’ve noticed many examples of recently. Literature about books themselves are perennially fascinating to avid readers. My detailed review of a few books … Continue reading

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OGOM Company of Wolves: The Book

Woo hoo. We are proud to present the details of the OGOM Company of Wolves book (MUP, 2017). There are 3 publications in total (one book and two special journal issues) and this is the first. More to follow on the … Continue reading

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Wolves in the Asylum at the Wellcome

I visited the new exhibition on Bedlam at the Wellcome this week and was thrilled to find the wolf paintings of Freud’s ‘Wolfman’ on display. As we are currently working on the publications from the Company of Wolves conference it … Continue reading

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Remus Lupin’s ‘furry little problem’

My blog posts have been very absent recently (in my defence I am in the final stages of preparing to submit my thesis). However, I took the time to read and enjoy this article, ‘Remus Lupin and the stigmatised illness: … Continue reading

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I Know What You Did Last Summer: Welsh Bigfoot to rival Old Stinker the Hull Werewolf

Sasquatch, a Yeti or Bigfoot like creature has been spotted in Welsh woodland according to British newspapers. He is now set to rival Old Stinker the Hull Werewolf in the history of British monsters, having been supposedly captured on film. Bigfoot … Continue reading

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Hull Werewolf Old Stinker Inspires Research Paper

I am beyond excited to report that The Hull Werewolf ‘Old Stinker’ has surfaced again in the last few days, terrorising women with his human face and very, very, bad breath (hence his name). The two most recent sightings have … Continue reading

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