Two-day Programme

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6 April 2019

9:009:30 Registration, Coffee, and Pastries

9:309:45 Welcome
Dr Sam George

9:4510:30 Tour of Keats House

10:3011:00 The bloody horde of vampires in the Villa Diodati           
Prof. Nick Groom (University of Exeter)

11:0011:30 ‘In their nocturnal orgies’: Polidori’s The Vampyre  and the many inventions of special effects                                  
Dr Ivan Phillips (University of Hertfordshire)

11:3011:55 Tea and Vampyre cupcakes

11:5512:25 Rebellion, treachery, and glamour: Lady Caroline Lamb’s Glenarvon and the progress of the Byronic vampire                                                
Dr Bill Hughes (OGOM)

12:2512:55 Phantasmagoria and Spectriana: The legacy of Polidori’s vampyre from theatricals to vampire slaying kits                                     
Dr Sam George (University of Hertfordshire)

12:5513:50 Lunch

13:5014:20 Sexual contagions: Vampirism and Tuberculosis                                            Marcus Sedgwick (novelist and critic)

14:2014:50 To fill my heart with deeper crimson’: Physiology and the fictional vampire
Prof. William Hughes (Bath Spa University)

14:5015:20 From Polidori’s holiday escapes: Florence Marryatt’s The Blood of the Vampire, Sarah Smith’s ‘The Red Storm Comes’, and Moira Buffini/Neil Jordan’s Byzantium
Prof. Gina Wisker (University of Brighton)

15:2015:50  ‘Now my clothes are right again’: Byronic vampires in the long 1960s          
Prof. Catherine Spooner (Lancaster University)

15:5016:15 Tea and Vampyre cupcakes

16:1517:00 Special Guest: Polidori Revisited                         Sir Christopher Frayling Introduced by: Dr Sam George

7 April 2019

9:159:30 Assemble at Highgate (instructions here)
Dr Kaja Franck

9:3011:30 Vampiric Excursion: Highgate Cemetery

11:3012:00 Coach journey back to Keats House

12:0012:55 Lunch at Keats House (and Day 2 registration)

12:5513:25 I walk and the past walks with me’: Rewriting Polidori’s Vampyre in Byzantium                                       
Dr Stacey Abbott (University of Roehampton)

13:2513:55  The Vulgar Fictions of a demented Irishman’: Postmodern Vampirism and the cinema of Neil Jordan                 
Dr Sorcha Ní Fhlainn (MMU)

13:5514:25   The legacy of Romanticism’s female fiends: Christabel, ‘Carmilla’, ‘Luella Miller’, and the psychic vampire
Daisy Butcher (University of Hertfordshire)

14:2514:50 Tea and Vampyre cupcakes

14:5015:20   Polidori and the postmillennial vampyre            
Dr Sue Chaplin (Leeds Beckett University)

15:2015:50  The deadly hue of his face’: The Genesis of the Vampiric Gentleman and his Deadly Beauty; Or, how Lord Ruthven became Edward Cullen
Dr Kaja Franck (University of Hertfordshire)

15:5016:20 Vampenstein: Shori Matthews as conjunction of undead and reanimated in Octavia Butler’s Fledgling
Dr Jillian Wingfield (University of Hertfordshire)    

16:2016:50  Vampiros: On the Spanish vampire                   
Dr Xavier Aldana Reyes (MMU)

16:5017:00   Closing Remarks
Dr Bill Hughes