Keynotes and Activities

The Visit By Moonlight. Fairies encircle a tomb at night in E.T. Parris, 1832. 

Prof. Owen Davies (President of The Folklore Society, University of Hertfordshire), ‘Print Grimoires, Spirit Conjuration, and the Democratisation of Learned Magic’

Dr Sam George (Associate Professor of Research, University of Hertfordshire), ‘Fairy Lepidoptera: the Dark History of Butterfly-Winged Fae’

Dr Merrick Burrow (Curator of Forthcoming Cottingley Fairies Exhibition, Head of English, University of Huddersfield), ‘The Cottingley Fairies: Conan Doyle’s War on Materialism’

Dr Ivan Phillips (Associate Dean, School of Creative Arts, University of Hertfordshire), ‘What the Puck! or: An anatomy of the fairy – A spotter’s guide to wings, wands and other distractions’

Prof. Diane Purkiss (Keble College, Oxford), ‘Where Do Fairies Come From? Shifts in Shape’

Prof. Catherine Spooner (Lancaster University), ‘Glamourie: Fairies and Fashion’

Prof. Dale Townshend (Manchester Metropolitan University), ‘“The fairy kind of writing”:  Gothic and the Aesthetics of Enchantment in the Long Eighteenth Century’

Dr Maisha Wester (Indiana University; Global Professorship Fellowship, University of Sheffield), ‘Precious Revisions of Greedy Glass Bottle Tricks: Nalo Hopkinson’s Folkloric Revisions of Classic Fairytales and Myths’ 

The YA fantasy writer Betsy Cornwell (TidesMechanicaVenturess) will speak about the creative adaptation of fairy lore in her novels.

The conference will also feature an Outreach Workshop on the Tooth Fairy for postgraduate students and ECRs with Dr Ceri Houlbrook (University of Hertfordshire; Magical Folk: British and Irish Fairies: 500 AD to the Present (2018; with Simon Young)). There will be fairy-themed activities including a fairy flash fiction writing competition, and a wings & wine social.