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The menu at the top of each web page allows you to navigate through the hierarchy of various pages, including the Blog, and pages concerning the most recent OGOM events (such as conferences), a page for OGOM publications, an Undead Studies page of courses related to the Project, press releases and publicity on OGOM, and a Resources page. There is an About page describing the OGOM Project (this current page is nested under that). There is also a Contact Us page and a Site Map (which describes the structure of the site). Each of these will be explained in more detail below.

The home page. On this page you can see six square tiles (with slide shows illustrating the Project) that allow you to jump quickly to the Blog, and the OGOM Events, Undead Studies, Press and Publicity, Publications, and Resources pages.

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This is the medium through which the OGOM Project team talk about our research (when we find time!). But it is also an outlet for all sorts of news and information about the Gothic, the fantastic, and the magical. It’s a great, easily searchable resource for CFPs, book reviews, reading lists, informative articles, events (such as films and exhibitions), and many other useful and interesting items.

Each blog post has buttons to share via other social media: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and so on.

On the right-hand side of the page, there is a search box and a drop-down list of Categories to help you explore this material.

Beneath this, on the right-hand side, are scrolling lists of recent posts and comments, and monthly archives.

Then there are groups of links to useful websites: Author’s Website (generally fantasy and paranormal romance authors that feature in OGOM research and teaching); a Blogroll of other relevant blogs; online Journals that cover the research field; and Related Links to other websites of interest.

There are two ‘Like’ buttons. This may be confusing, but the second ‘Like this’ button (marked with a star) will be familiar to those who have WordPress sites—it enables WordPress users to identify themselves as having liked the post.

OGOM Events
This page lists the various conferences and symposia that OGOM has presented, with links to pages for each of these events showing the delegates and programmes.

Undead Studies
The University of Hertfordshire has a number of courses that have grown out of the OGOM Project’s research: a module on the English Literature BA, an MA module, and opportunities to contribute to OGOM by doing a PhD by research in this area. This page links to further details.

Press and Publicity
This page is under construction at the moment but will show press coverage of the Project and other related publicity. This information can be reached via the menu.

This page links to details about the publications that have emerged from the OGOM Project, with the tables of contents of books and journal special issues.

This page has a repository of some of the talks and papers associated with the centre. We also hope in the future to feature a bibliographic database listing paranormal romances and related Gothic and fantastic narratives.  

The links to author websites, blogs, journals, and related websites also appear again on this page on the right-hand side.