Session Speakers and Abstracts

* Click on the links to download PDFs of the abstracts and biographies:

Victoria Amador, American University of Sharjah
Werewolves and White Trash

Polly Atkin, University of Strathclyde
‘Stinking of me’: Transformations and Animal Selves in Contemporary Women’s Poetry

Frances Babbage, University of Sheffield
The Wolves in the Woods: Staging Carter’s Gothic

Irene Baena-Cuder, University of East Anglia
Spanish Werewolves and the Conflict of Masculine Identity in Game of Werewolves

Colette Balmain, Kingston University
Through the eyes of a child: Hybridity and Morbidity in Jo Sung-hee’s A Werewolf Boy

Matt Beresford, University of Hertfordshire
The Wolves of Old: Classical Accounts of the Werewolf Myth

Michael Brodski, University of Mainz, Germany
The Cinematic Representation of the Wild Child

Simon Brown, Kingston University
An American Werewolf in America: Stephen King’s Cycle Of The Werewolf and Silver Bullet

Sue Chaplin, Leeds Beckett University
‘Daddy, I’m falling for a monster!’: Fathers, Brothers, Lovers and Mothers in Werewolf and Vampire Romance

Christine Chettle, University of Leeds
Dr. Jekyll-and-Mr.Hyde, the Monstrous Cat: Animal Imagery, Catharsis, and Writerly Production in and beyond L. M. Montgomery’s Canadian WWI Novel

Joseph Crawford, University of Exeter
‘No more than a wild beast or a brute’: Wagner the Werewolf, Sweeney Todd and the Limits of Human Responsibility

Marius-Mircea Crisan, West University of Timisoara, Romania
From Priculici to Vampires: Folkloric Stories versus Sensational Narratives

Matthew Crofts, University of Hull
Altered Beasts: The Werewolf in Popular Culture from Punishment to Power-up

Carys Crossen, Manchester Metropolitan University
‘I’m hairy on the inside’: Defining the Werewolf and the Nature of Lycanthropy in Contemporary Fiction

Beverley Dear, University of Hertfordshire
Shapeshifters of the East: How Manga and Japanese Animal Spirits Depart from the Conventions of East European Gothic

Chloe Donaldson, Independent Scholar
Following Wolf Calls in the Wilderness

Malgorzata (Gosia) Drewniok, University of Southampton
‘Behind that façade, you’re no meek little puss-in-boots’: Were Creatures in Yasmine Galenorn’s Sisters of the Moon series

Darren Elliott-Smith, University of Hertfordshire
‘Queer-Wolves and Wolf-Boyz and Were-Bears, Oh My!’: Queering the Wolf in Gaysploitation Horror

Tania Evans, The Australian National University
Full Moon Masculinities: The Werewolf in Recent Young Adult Fantasy Texts

Kaja Franck, University of Hertfordshire
Growing Pains of the Teenage Werewolf: YA Literature and the Metaphorical Wolf

Karen Graham, University of Aberdeen
Little Monsters: Hybrid Offspring in Steampunk and Contemporary Gothic Texts

Karrie Ann Grobben, University of Exeter
‘What if there was something dark inside of me?’: Gender, Red Riding Hood and Internalizing the Wolf on Screen

Steve (Janet) Halfyard, Birmingham City University
Real Men versus Emo Pansies? Music, Class and Masculinity in Supernatural Film and Television Narratives

Janine Hatter, University of Hull
Wilderness Disrupted: Nineteenth-Century Werewolf Short Fiction

Laura Hubner, University of Winchester
Encountering the Beast Within: Location and the British Werewolf Film

Lorna Jowett, University of Northampton
Swearwolves and Werewolves: Mockumentary, Masculinity and Mundane Monsters

Caroline Langhorst, University of Mainz, Germany
‘The killing moon will come too soon. Fate up against your will’?: The Myth-ridden Figure of the Werewolf and its Cinematic Representations of Tormented Masculinity and the Grotesque Body

Rebecca Langworthy, University of Aberdeen
The Inner Beast: The Human/Animal Divide in George MacDonald’s The Romance of Photogen and Nycteris (1882)

Peter Le Couteur, Royal College of Art
Sealskins: Finns, Seal Wives, and Mythmaking

Craig Ian Mann, Sheffield Hallam University
The Beast Without: The Cinematic Werewolf as (Counter)Cultural Metaphor

Simon Marsden, University of Liverpool
‘One look and you recognize evil’: Lycan Terrorism, Monstrous Otherness and the Banality of Evil in Benjamin Percy’s Red Moon

Lisa Metherell, Birmingham City University
Coming out as Werewolf

Lisa Nevárez, Siena College, New York, USA
Playgrounds in the Zombie Apocalypse: The Feral Child

Ivan Phillips, University of Hertfordshire
‘I was a teenage Whovian but I’m all right now-eee-ooooooooo-ooo-eeh-yooooooooo’: The Metafictional Meanings of Lycanthropic Transformation in Doctor Who

Amanda Potter, Open University
Dog-faced Deities, Wolf Mothers and Other Canine Women from Classical Myth, and their Representations in Modern Popular Culture

Catherine Pugh, Independent Scholar
Putting the Luna in ‘Lunatic’: Werewolves, Wild Spaces and the Feral State of Madness

Curtis Runstedler, Durham University
The Benevolent Medieval Werewolf in William of Palerne

Shannon Scott, University of St Thomas, MN, USA
Wild Sanctuary: Running into the Forest in Russian Fairy Tales

Elena Emma Sottilotta, University of Sheffield
The shape-shifting concept of female evil: Weregoats’ symbolism from a Portuguese legend to Landolfi’s The Moon Stone

Jamie Spears, University of Sunderland
‘Open, open; let me in!’: The Female Werewolf and the New Woman

Michael Starr, University of Northampton
The stubborn beast-flesh grows day by day back again’: Transhumanist Becomings in H. G. Wells’s The Island of Doctor Moreau

Charmaine Tanti, University of Malta
Rabid Bitches and Fanged Whores: Misogynistic Discourses in Nineteenth-Century Tales of the Female Werewolf and the Female Vampire

Sarah Wade, University College London
A Running Wolf and Other Grey Animals: The Various Shapes of Marcus Coates

Jillian Wingfield, University of Hertfordshire
‘Violating all the rules of civilized vampirism’: Identity, Sexuality, Alienation, and ‘vampire wolf-dogs’ in Andrew Fox’s Fat White Vampire Blues

Ksenia Winnicki, Brooklyn College
Declassifying and Reclassifying Medieval Werewolves

Andrea Wood, Winona State University, Winona, MN, USA
Barebacking Werewolves in Rural America: Queer Erotic and Ecological Fantasies in M/M Paranormal Romance Fiction