Keynote Speakers

jordanindex Dr Stacey Abbott, Reader in Film and TV Studies, University of Roehampton, ‘Creatures of the Night, What Music They Make’: The Sound of the Cinematic Werewolf’

Sir Christopher Frayling, ‘Inside the Bloody Chamber: Angela Carter’

Dr Sam George, Senior Lecturer in Literature, University of Hertfordshire, Convener Open Graves, Open Minds Project, ‘This is What it Sounds Like When Wolves Cry: Storytelling, Wolf Children, and the State of Nature’

Dr Bill Hughes, Open Graves, Open Minds, ‘The Call of the Wild: From Preternatural Pastoral to Paranormal Romance’

Prof. Garry Marvin, Human and Animal Studies, University of Roehampton, ‘Cultural Images of the Wolf and the Wolves’ Re-emergence in Europe’

Marcus Sedgwick, Writer, ‘Fictional Representations of Wolf or Feral Children’, ‘in conversation’ for OGOM.

Dr Catherine Spooner, Reader in Literature and Culture, University of Lancaster, ‘Wearing the Wolf: Fur, Fashion and Werewolf Fiction from the Nineteenth Century to the Present