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Harry Potter: Magic and Herbology at the British Library

Harry Potter: A History of Magic, British Library  20 October 2017 – 28 February 2018 Libraries can be very magical places so it is fitting that the British Library are to host a stellar exhibition on Harry Potter this year. For … Continue reading

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Witchcraft through the Ages: The Black Mass

Incredible scene of witches attending a black mass from this amazing-looking 1922 Swedish film, Häxen (which I had not heard of before).

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Alice in Wonderland

Some items that I’ve recently spotted on the Alice books. First, a 1915 silent film of Alice in Wonderland that looks amazing–I’d not come across this before. Then the first of a series of broadcasts on CBC: ‘Curioser and Curioser’. … Continue reading

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Join Us For A Literary Weekend At Cumberland Lodge

 The Literature staff at University of Hertfordshire are having a residential weekend  in Cumberland Lodge again this year (the weekend of 10th-12th February). We will be arriving Friday evening and  departing Sunday afternoon. This year we are sharing the programme with staff … Continue reading

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Better the Devil You Know: Part Two

I raised questions about visual images of the devil in my Better the Devil You Know post yesterday, even suggesting that he was once blue and winged rather than red and horned. Following this discussion Daisy alerted me to this wonderful … Continue reading

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Better the Devil You Know: Was the Devil Once Blue and an Angel?

I have always wondered how the devil came to be depicted as red with horns and cloven feet and I once heard that one of the first visual images of the devil depicts him as a blue angel. So did … Continue reading

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The Wolf Moon and the Month of Wolves

Tonight is a full moon, and also the wolf moon. January was once referred to as Wulf-monath (wolf month) in Saxon, and it’s full moon takes its name from the possibility that in this bitter month wolves could still be heard howling in … Continue reading

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All the Better to See You With: Wolves and US

I found myself in Bolton in the pantomime season en route to Glasgow and was fortunate to stumble across an exhibition on ‘Animals and US’ at Bolton Central Library and Museum.  This ‘family-friendly’ exhibition, purports to show how animals feature in … Continue reading

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Shakespeare’s Fey Subplot in YA Gothic

When I was a child in Cumbria it used to be common for people to say you must be a changeling if you had nothing in common with your parents and there were also stories circulating that the gypsies who … Continue reading

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Is the End of Time in Sight for Doctor Who?

It has been a while since Doctor Who featured on the site, though I remember posting an All Sorts of Scary (pun intended) story on the  Kandy Man and the unlikely rise of gothic sweets some time ago!! Dr Ivan Phillips, … Continue reading

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