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Big Bad Humans and Benevolent Wolves

Followers of OGOM will know that we have been at the forefront of debates around the cultural representation of the wolf since the Company of Wolves Conference in 2015. We went on to collaborate more fully with the UK Wolf … Continue reading

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Redeeming Beauties and Beasts, Wolves and Humans

Kaja and Sam have made me feel guilty, so I’ll just give an account of what I’ll be talking about at the Being Human: Redeeming the Wolf event. I’ll be following up some of the themes that Sam and Kaja have … Continue reading

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Female Werewolves and the Big, Bad Wolf

In anticipation of OGOM’s Being Human event, ‘Redeeming the Wolf: A Story of Persecution, Loss, and Rediscovery‘ (tickets for this free event still available here), here are three items which may instruct or amuse. Alexandra MoeHagen argues here that ‘Female … Continue reading

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Red Riding Hood and Illustrations

Pook Press are a small independent publisher who do some lovely editions of fairy tales and classic children’s literature. Every fortnight, they post a different fairy tale on their blog; this is Perrault’s very familiar version of ‘Red Riding Hood‘, … Continue reading

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Red — an animated retelling of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’

OGOM’s Company of Wolves conference in 2015 explored the figure of the wolf, the werewolf, and wild children (often thought to have been raised by wolves themselves). An edited collection and two special journal issues will emerge soon from this … Continue reading

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All the Better to See You With: Wolves and US

I found myself in Bolton in the pantomime season en route to Glasgow and was fortunate to stumble across an exhibition on ‘Animals and US’ at Bolton Central Library and Museum.  This ‘family-friendly’ exhibition, purports to show how animals feature in … Continue reading

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Little Red Riding Hood, 1810

Here’s a nice little piece from the British Library on a chapbook version of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ (Neil Gaiman’s favourite fairy tale–see my previous post). The BL’s website is, incidentally, an excellent resource for literary researchers, with many critical … Continue reading

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On the Trail of the Big Bad Wolf

If you find yourself in the north this week try to see ‘Neck of the Woods’, a new play by Turner prizewinner Douglas Gordon based on Perrault’s fairytale. It is just in time to whet appetites for our ‘Company of … Continue reading

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Get in the mood for OGOM Company of Wolves with this must see Little Red Riding Hood

Deliciously camp, erotic, creepy and funny adaptation of one of the ‘Red Riding Hood’ variants (most likely, this one collected by Paul Delarue), with echoes of Doré’s illustrations and German Expressionist cinema. . 16-year-old Christina Ricci stars as a not-so-innocent … Continue reading

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Little Red Riding Hood Rides Again–and Again and Again and Again

One of the fairy tales that seems to attract multiple reinterpretations and adaptations is ‘Red Riding Hood’: Angela Carter’s subversive wolf stories (including ‘The Company of Wolves’) and Marissa Meyer’s SF version ‘Scarlet’ (in her Lunar Chronicles series) are excellent … Continue reading

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