Is the End of Time in Sight for Doctor Who?

It has been a while since Doctor Who featured on the site, though I remember posting an All Sorts of Scary (pun intended) story on the  Kandy Man and the unlikely rise of gothic sweets some time ago!! Dr Ivan Phillips, who has been a speaker at all three OGOM conferences and is a contributor to the Open Graves, Open Minds vampire book has just published an article for The Conversation on the current problems facing the Doctor Who franchise this year which is a must for all fans.  Is the End of Time in Sight for Dr Who  is also a fitting preview to Ivan’s forthcoming Doctor Who book (look out for further info on this on the site).  Ivan’s contribution to our  Company of Wolves edited collection is another offshoot or transformation of this project and is entitled ‘I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself’: The metafictional meanings of lycanthropic transformation in Doctor Who’ (inspired).




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3 Responses to Is the End of Time in Sight for Doctor Who?

  1. Daryl Wor says:

    Funny that this question should come up. I also plan on (some far, far day away) having Doctor Who components in my series. When we went over our rental plan my husband asked me what would be my next pick for the queue? I told him, “Tom Baker as Doctor Who… even if they don’t have all of it at Netflix it will *still* take forever to go through and I better get re-acquainted.” He was jazzed about that.

    So, even if there is a drop for the franchise, there’s tons more Doctor Who for the fans in fanwork. As well as just watching everything all over again. 😉

  2. Good choice in Tom Baker he is my fave Doctor I think. Your project sounds interesting.

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