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OGOM: Tales from Gothic Hertfordshire 1

I have decided to introduce a new searchable feature on Gothic Hertfordshire on the blog ahead of Supernatural Cities 3 which OGOM will co-host in March 2018.  (‘Gothic Hertfordshire’ is now a Category, found on the right-hand side here.) I’ll … Continue reading

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Journal; Magic, Ritual, and Witchcraft

I’ve come across a peer-reviewed journal which may be well be of interest to OGOM followers: Magic, Ritual, and Witchcraft. A rigorously peer-reviewed scholarly journal, Magic, Ritual, and Witchcraft draws from a broad spectrum of perspectives, methods, and disciplines, offering … Continue reading

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Images of Witches

Some excellent articles on witches today. First, Chloe Buckley, in ‘Hag, temptress or feminist icon? The witch in popular culture‘, looks at images of witches in popular culture, both positive and disparaging. She notes the contemporary feminist rehabilitation of the … Continue reading

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May Day for Goth Girls

I’m posting this wonderful image for all the goth girls, to celebrate May Day, and because it is half way to Hallowe’en!! Also because I was named after Sam played by Elizabeth Montgomery in Bewitched (my sisters also have witchy … Continue reading

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Witches and Walpurgis Night

Happy Walpurgisnacht! Here’s an excellent article by Prof. Owen Davies of the University of Hertfordshire, ‘Witches and Walpurgis Night‘. He traces the folkloric origins of the supposed sabbat of witches through Goethe and Bram Stoker to contemporary popular culture.

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Ring-a-ring-a Widdershins: It’s Walpurgis Night and Halfway to Hallowe’en!

  It’s Walpurgis Night  (Walpurgisnacht or Valborgsmässoafton),  the night that marks the transition from winter to spring, falling on the eve of the first of May. It’s also halfway to Halloween!! Kaja will like that!  In folk tradition, witches and … Continue reading

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100 Must-read Books about Witches

S. Zainab Williams has compiled a great reading list here on witches in fiction.

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Witchcraft through the Ages: The Black Mass

Incredible scene of witches attending a black mass from this amazing-looking 1922 Swedish film, Häxen (which I had not heard of before).

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Suppose You Met A Witch?

Happy Halloween OGOMERS! I have finally got round to carving my lantern. I used the traditional swede or turnip that we had in Cumbria when I was a child. This is my Cat ‘o’ Lantern! I used to go to … Continue reading

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More witchcraft

Some more witch related material here. First, an interesting account by Alison Schwarz of the spate of witch themed TV, books, and fashion, including YA and paranormal romance. Then, ‘Injustice: The Enduring Power of the Witch Narrative’ by Moze Halperin–a … Continue reading

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