100 Must-read Books about Witches

S. Zainab Williams has compiled a great reading list here on witches in fiction.

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3 Responses to 100 Must-read Books about Witches

  1. That’s a huge list! I’m reading ‘Witchcraft: A Very Short Introduction’ (Malcolm Gaskill) at present – and about to review ‘Accused: British Witches throughout History’ (Willow Winsham) but neither of those seem to have made the cut.

    • William the Bloody says:

      No, they’re all fictional, I think. Some good choices, though. The two you’re reading look good–I’ll add to my list. I’m thinking of posting our own OGOM reading lists on various topics (witches, vamps, fairies, etc.), when I find the energy.
      Do please send us a link to your review!

  2. I know Willow of Folklore Thursday fame! One of the most prominent specialists in witchcraft is at Uni of Herts – Prof. Owen Davies. We hope to make him a plenary at the next conference ( he publishes with MUP and OUP). We will try to post our own list which is critical (though we haven’t updated it for a few months). I look forward to reading your review. I wrote about a local case of witchcraft in Hertfordshire here https://www.opengravesopenminds.com/ogom-research/the-strange-case-of-the-gubblecote-witch/
    There is a lot of good material on here including reviews of exhibitions on witchcraft and all sorts of musings on witches if you search the blog!

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