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Wolves of Finland

An interesting article here by Patrick Barkham on the conflicting attitudes to wolves in Finland. Some of the issues raised in OGOM’s Company of Wolves conference (and featuring in our forthcoming book) on our relationship to nature and the image … Continue reading

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‘The Witch’ (2015)

Over the past few days, I have been enjoying watching the trailer for The Witch (2015), a horror movie about witchcraft, Puritanism, wilderness and the New World. The film has received excellent reviews and a recent Buzzfeed article, ‘The Movie That’s Going … Continue reading

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The Science of Lycanthropy

The website for ‘The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency’ has a page dedicated to the science of Lycanthropy. Whilst there are plenty of other pages and books dedicated to pseudo-scientific frameworks for the existence of monsters – Max Brooks’ The Zombie … Continue reading

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Re-wilding the British Lynx and Other Animal Stories at Company of Wolves

The BBC’s debate today about re-wilding the Lynx in the UK is quite pertinent to our Company of Wolves conference. There is a lot of tension around such stories which makes them ripe for discussion in relation to our strand on … Continue reading

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OGOM Company of Wolves Conference: Extended Call for Papers

OGOM: ‘The Company of Wolves’: Sociality, Animality, and Subjectivity in Literary and Cultural Narratives—Werewolves, Shapeshifters, and Feral Humans Conference, University of Hertfordshire, Sept 3rd-5th 2015 Extended Call for Papers and Panels OGOM is extending its call for papers for its … Continue reading

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Sharing Our Lives with Wolves on Radio 4

Since starting my PhD on werewolves, I have discovered that whilst I don’t see lycanthropes everywhere (I’ve not started hallucinating through exhaustion yet), I do see wolves where ever I go. On a brief sojourn to my home county, Lincolnshire, … Continue reading

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