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CFPs: Gothic Interruptions, New Romanticisms, Byron, Angela Carter, Romance

Some exciting CFPs for forthcoming conferences. The one we have all been waiting for, the International Gothic Association 2022 conference in Dublin is out at last!** Note that the deadline for the Angela Carter symposium is very soon–30 November. 1. … Continue reading

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CFPs: Popular genre fiction, historical fiction, Tolkien & YA fantasy, LGBTQIA+ Graphics

Some CFPs for conferences: 1. Concepts in Popular Genre Fiction, Deakin University (on line), 6-8 December 2021. Deadline: 31 August 2021 Popular genre fiction is an expansive field, covering a myriad of different kinds of texts and narratives. However, critical … Continue reading

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Genre, dreadpunk, mannerpunk, the female Gothic

What constitutes a genre or subgenre and whether even the concept of genre itself has any use is much debated; it’s certainly a focal point of OGOM research, where we’re often concerned with what happens when genres collide or mate, … Continue reading

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Colonel Sanders and the Demonic Lover

I love the conjunction of genres and the taming of monsters that occurs in paranormal romance, and much of OGOM’s research centres on this. The demon lovers of paranormal romance range from vampires (of course), through faeries, angels, and werewolves; … Continue reading

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SF and Romance

The worlds of science fiction and romance may seem antithetical but, as in the encounter of Gothic with romance that generates paranormal romance, the romance genre insinuates its way into the, perhaps, masculine, rationalist world of SF. Here, Gail Carriger, … Continue reading

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On Twilight, dangerous love, romantic poetry and voyeurism

The following blog post, ‘Love is Dangerous’, appeared on my Facebook news feed. I read it and the post which it is reacting to (which you can read here) with interest. Whilst the original post on ‘What Happens Next: A … Continue reading

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CFP: Representations of Romantic Relationships and the Romance Genre in Contemporary Women’s Writing, Saturday 11th June 2016, Sheffield Hallam University

For any postgraduates interested in the hybrid genre that is Paranormal Romance, this symposium by the Postgraduate Contemporary Women’s Writing Network looks an excellent opportunity to enter the much-contested debate about the Romance element. I’ve mentioned briefly before here how … Continue reading

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CFP: Romancing the Zombie

The following CFP for articles on romance and the zombie has been released: ‘Romancing the Zombie: Falling in Love with the Undead in the 21st Century Editors Ashley Szanter, Weber State University Jessica K. Richards, Weber State University Project Overview … Continue reading

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Paranormal Romance: Notes towards a definition II

Continuing my tentative exploration of the hybrid, shape-shifting nature of the genre of paranormal romance below, here’s an extract from my plenary talk at the Company of Wolves conference. I hope you find this interesting and helpful (there are references … Continue reading

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Gothic Romance and romantic Gothic

In order to celebrate Valentine’s Day the IGA have a guest post by Val Derbyshire, ‘From Romance to romance: Gothic tropes in Harlequin Mills & Boon novels’. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable read and made me reminisce about borrowing the Mills & Boon … Continue reading

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