Re-wilding the British Lynx and Other Animal Stories at Company of Wolves

lynxindex The BBC’s debate today about re-wilding the Lynx in the UK is quite pertinent to our Company of Wolves conference. There is a lot of tension around such stories which makes them ripe for discussion in relation to our strand on animality and re-wilding. Wild lynx have been extinct in Britain for more than 1,300 years. Some wonderful footage here of these beautiful and dangerous creatures and comments on the possibility of their re-introduction.  Am I the only person wondering how they will get along with our domesticate cats if they encounter them?!! lynximages

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  1. firekrank says:

    I was luck enough to see some lynx at a wildlife centre in Lincolnshire ( – indeed I think they might be the only breeding pair in the UK currently. They are beautiful and a lot smaller than you might expect. Apparently, cats don’t always land on their feet so much of the training they did with them when they first arrived at the centre was to help their ability to jump and land. I suspect they would go for a domestic cat!

  2. Oh that sounds wonderful. I am in Lincoln in mid May so I may investigate myself. Yes, my colleague’s cat Betty (who is the grandmummy of my two moggies) was eaten by foxes (captured on neighbour’s CCTV rather gruesomely) so I was wondering if Lynx would also pose a threat. especially as most people think foxes only go for chickens…eek.

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