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Happy New Year OGOMERS

Happy new Year OGOMERS from all at the project. Here’s a gothic angel slightly worse for wear to preside over your Hogmanay celebrations and to mark the fact that I have finally finished East of Eden: A Guide to Angels … Continue reading

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Contemporary Fiction Featuring Angels

Most of these are Paranormal Romance, and mostly Young Adult. These angels are generally Fallen and condemned to atone on Earth in some way or another. A couple are borderline–demons or djinn. Adornetto, Alexandra, Halo, Halo Series, 1 (London: Atom, … Continue reading

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East of Eden: A Guide to Angels by Dr Sam George

(William Blake (1757-1827), ‘David delivered out of many waters [by angels] with God presiding over’ c.1805) Who and What are Angels? Angels are referred to in Hebrew as mal’ach, in Greek as aggelos, both meaning ‘messenger’. Seraphim, Cherubim and ‘watchers’ … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays OGOMERS

OGOM wishes you a very happy holidays. We’re looking forward to ventures new in 2018. Look out for our January newsletter (please make safe our email address: before then so it does not go to your spam). If you … Continue reading

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Every Time a Bell Rings an Angel Gets His Wings

I’ve written on Hans Andersen for my forthcoming book on shadow play and despite the discourse of suffering and redemption, the stories are full of imagination and sensibility, and are always heart-wrenchingly empathic. Many of the tales have a dark … Continue reading

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1st Jan Deadline: CFP: OGOM and Supernatural Cities: The Urban Weird

Less than two weeks to go before we close the first round of our CFP for OGOM and Supernatural Cities present The Urban Weird, 6th-7th April. We’re waiting to hear from you… many magical treats in store (Brownies and Boggarts) … Continue reading

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OGOM and Young Adult Fiction @Identities_YA

Just a quick post to say thank you to Dr Sonya Andermahr and Anthony Stepniak for organising the Identities in YA Symposium and for inviting me to give a keynote. There were many highlights to the day including the ‘Monstrous … Continue reading

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Grave Desires: Samplers, Sensibility and the Language of Flowers

Miranda Lennon has been collecting verses from the graves of eighteenth and nineteenth-century women and embroidering them into beautiful bespoke samplers. The verses, considered mawkish or sentimental by some, convey a beautiful sensibility around death and mourning and preserve the … Continue reading

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Young Adult Fiction: Empathy or Derision?

I’m revisiting an interesting article by Maria Nikolajeva, director of the Homerton Research and Teaching Centre for Children’s Literature, entitled ‘Young adult fiction is integral to helping students develop empathy’, ahead of the YA Investigating Identities conference at the University of … Continue reading

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YA Gothic at ‘Investigating Identities’ (2): Identity, Agency, Assimilation and Paranormal Romance

Following on from Sam’s post on her keynote talk for the Investigating Identities in Young Adult YA Narratives symposium at the University of Northampton on 16 December, I thought I should post a synopsis of the paper I’ll be presenting … Continue reading

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