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YA Gothic Fiction: CFP (edited collection) and NYALitFest (event)

Research into Young Adult Gothic fiction forms a core part of the OGOM Project, and feeds into the associated teaching that Dr Sam George has been conducting for some years now at the University of Hertfordshire (see here). So these … Continue reading

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YA Gothic at ‘Investigating Identities’ (2): Identity, Agency, Assimilation and Paranormal Romance

Following on from Sam’s post on her keynote talk for the Investigating Identities in Young Adult YA Narratives symposium at the University of Northampton on 16 December, I thought I should post a synopsis of the paper I’ll be presenting … Continue reading

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RIP George Romero

The zombie as it has appeared in popular culture–the abject, shambling, carnivorous undead rather than the animated slaves of Caribbean folklore–was practically invented by the director George Romero, who has sadly died. Romero’s pioneering film Night of the Living Dead (1968) … Continue reading

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Colonel Sanders and the Demonic Lover

I love the conjunction of genres and the taming of monsters that occurs in paranormal romance, and much of OGOM’s research centres on this. The demon lovers of paranormal romance range from vampires (of course), through faeries, angels, and werewolves; … Continue reading

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Stacey Abbott, Undead Apocalypse: Vampires and Zombies in the 21st Century

Dr Stacey Abbott of the University of Roehampton is well-known for her work on Buffy, Angel, and other cult TV series, and for research into various cultural manifestations of the Undead. She has also been a valuable participant in OGOM … Continue reading

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CFP: Edited collection on iZombie

I’ve not seen the TV series iZombie (nor the graphic novel on which it is based) but I’ve heard very enthusiastic reports on this new manifestation of the sympathetic zombie (of which one of our favourites, Daniel Waters’s Generation Dead … Continue reading

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Stacey Abbott on iZombie

The rise of the sympathetic monster has been a unifying theme of OGOM’s research. Of all the monsters to feature in paranormal romance and similar narratives that humanise the undead and the monstrous, the zombie is surely one of the … Continue reading

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