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Monstrous Blooms: The Amazing Corpse Lily

It is not often that the two strands of my research, botany and the undead, come together and I get very, very excited when they do (it is even less frequent that botany makes front page news).  Enter the Corpse … Continue reading

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Images of Witches

This is a very useful article, ‘Where do witches come from?’ on the iconography of witches through the ages, in literature but mainly painting (it was written to accompany an exhibition which has, unfortunately, long finished).

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CFP: Damsels in Redress: Women in Contemporary Fairy-Tale Reimaginings, Queen’s University Belfast, 7-8 April 2017

Reworkings of classic fairy tales is one of OGOM’s principal areas of research (and a favourite topic of my own). This conference at QU Belfast, Damsels in Redress: Women in Contemporary Fairy-Tale Reimaginings looks very exciting. I’ve posted about this … Continue reading

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Dale Townshend and MMU Gothic Festival

Two great news items from the Manchester Centre for Gothic Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University. First, the brilliant Dale Townshend, who has moved from Stirling to become Professor at MMU, will be giving his inaugural lecture, From ‘Castles in the Air’ … Continue reading

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Curtis Runstedler, ‘Alchemy, the Philosopher’s Stone, and the Holy Grail’

Durham University’s Department of English Studies will proudly host the annual Late Summer Lectures Series, which features postgraduate researchers presenting their topics of interest to non-specialised audiences in Durham. This year’s series features topics ranging from post-apocalyptic worlds to alchemy … Continue reading

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Mermaids and Goth music

We at OGOM love mermaids, selkies, and other suchlike fantastic creatures from the ocean’s depths. And I love musicals. So this is one film I’d certainly go and see–click below for the review: Review: ‘The Lure’ Is The Best Goth … Continue reading

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Folk Horror Revival

Folk Horror is a category of Gothic which seems to be getting a lot of attention these days. There’s an exciting new web site, Folk Horror Revival, devoted to the topic, paying particular attention to the musical aspects of this … Continue reading

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The Wolf: BBC Radio 4 Natural Histories Programme

Brett Westwood meets a wolf and considers the role of the wolf in our culture in this BBC Radio 4 Natural Histories programme which also features OGOM Company of Wolves plenary Garry Marvin and the UK Wolf Trust which we … Continue reading

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Angela Carter and Christopher Frayling

Some more resources on the ever-fascinating Angela Carter here. There’s a (not entirely enthusiastic) review by Kate Webb in the TLS of Sir Christopher Frayling’s recent collection of essays, Inside the Bloody Chamber: On Angela Carter, the Gothic, and Other … Continue reading

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‘Some Curious Disquiet’: Troubled Teens Turn Vampire in St Albans @AbbeyTheatreStA

I was at the Abbey Theatre in St Albans last week with a friend to see a play entitled  ‘A Vampire Story’ written by Moira Buffini and directed by Phillip Reardon.  Buffini has collaborated with Damon Albarn and this play was … Continue reading

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