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Book Review: Elizabeth von Arnim, Vera

As you may know from previous posts, I have been tracing the genetic mutations from which the genre of paranormal romance arose by looking at an earlier manifestation, Gothic romance (or romantic suspense). This genre flourished from about the 1940s … Continue reading

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Genre, dreadpunk, mannerpunk, the female Gothic

What constitutes a genre or subgenre and whether even the concept of genre itself has any use is much debated; it’s certainly a focal point of OGOM research, where we’re often concerned with what happens when genres collide or mate, … Continue reading

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Jane Eyre–a YA novel?

A provocative article by the YA author Lena Coakley, claiming Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel of autonomy, education, and desire as a YA novel. This challenges ideas of the canon and of genre, of course, and does have a certain validity, … Continue reading

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Gail Turley Houston, ‘From Dickens to Dracula’

A thoughtful short essay on Dracula and the presence of the Gothic mode in Victorian fiction generally.

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