Red — an animated retelling of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’

OGOM’s Company of Wolves conference in 2015 explored the figure of the wolf, the werewolf, and wild children (often thought to have been raised by wolves themselves). An edited collection and two special journal issues will emerge soon from this wonderful event.

We discussed important questions of animality and humanity in various narratives, but the tale of ‘Red Riding Hood’ is obviously quite central. The story has been reworked many, many times in various media; the dominant approach from the mid-twentieth century onwards has been to redeem Red Riding Hood from her victim status. She is no longer anyone’s meat, as Angela Carter tells us in her revisionary ‘The Company of Wolves’.

This short animated film, Red, directed by Jorge Jaramillo and Carlo Guillot, is a wonderfully atmospheric version–creepy and savage.

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