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CFP: Gothic Nature: New Directions in Ecohorror and the Ecogothic, Trinity College Dublin, 17-18 November 2017

Another conference! Ecogothic is an emerging trend in ways of looking at Gothic, horror, and fantastic narratives. People who attended OGOM’s 2015 Company of Wolves conference, with its probing of the interrelationship of culture and nature, human and animal, might … Continue reading

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Disco and Dystopia

With regard to Sam’s remarks on my previous post of a disco Walpurgisnacht, where we saw disco music as antithetical to Gothic, I was just reminded of this. It’s a dystopian Dr Moreau-like fantasy of science going wrong and mutating … Continue reading

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‘Ravens and Their Cultural Significance Throughout Time’ Blog Post

A post on the IGA Student Blog site has recently caught my eye. Written by Jamie Ryder, it looks at ‘Ravens and Their Cultural Significance Throughout Time’. Though I tend to look more at wolves as a Gothic creature or ecoGothic … Continue reading

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Wilderness, National Parks and Hybrid Wolves

My good friend Karen Graham (who I met at the inaugural OGOM conference) sent me this very interesting article, ‘Coydogs and Lynxcats and Pizzlies, Oh My’. Though the title is a little ridiculous, it is an interesting look at science’s … Continue reading

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Review of ‘Locating Fantastika’, University of Lancaster, 7th-8th July 2015

I have now been to enough conferences in my research area to start recognising people so that conferences become not only a place to proffer your work to other academics (flinching slightly when it gets to questions) but also to … Continue reading

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The Promise

I’ve not watched this yet, but this short film, The Promise, directed by Gabriele Salvatores, looks very relevant to our Company of Wolves conference themes of wolves, sociality, and animality. It’s now online. The Promise talks about the relationship between … Continue reading

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Landscapes of Romance: Generic Boundaries and Epistemological Dialectics in the Paranormal Romance of Julie Kagawa’s The Iron King

Here’s the abstract for the paper I presented last week at the excellent Reading the Fantastic: Tales beyond Borders conference at the University of Leeds. You can download the paper from here, too. Within contemporary fantastic fiction, a modulation of … Continue reading

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Caryl Churchill, The Skriker, with Maxine Peake, Manchester Royal Exchange, 3 July 2015-1 August 2015

This performance of Caryl Churchill, The Skriker, with Maxine Peake looks fabulous; I’d not, I’m ashamed to admit, heard of this play before. Very appropriately, I’ve just finished my chapter on werewolf narratives, ‘”But by blood no wolf am I”: Language … Continue reading

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Sharing Our Lives with Wolves on Radio 4

Since starting my PhD on werewolves, I have discovered that whilst I don’t see lycanthropes everywhere (I’ve not started hallucinating through exhaustion yet), I do see wolves where ever I go. On a brief sojourn to my home county, Lincolnshire, … Continue reading

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OGOM Company of Wolves CFP – Beyond excited to announce this!

Conference, University of Hertfordshire, Sept 3rd-5th 2015: Call for Papers and Panels OGOM: ‘The Company of Wolves’: Sociality, Animality, and Subjectivity in Literary and Cultural Narratives—Werewolves, Shapeshifters, and Feral Humans Wolves have long been the archetypal enemy of human company, … Continue reading

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