Changes to Twitter – @OGOMProject

If you’re following either Sam, Kaja, or myself via our Twitter accounts, I’ve now set up a special OGOM one — @OGOMProject. Any future blog posts will send a Tweet via this account as well as our original ones.

To follow the OGOM Project Tweets, there is a new link for you to click on in the right-hand sidebar,

The idea is that there will be one Twitter handle specifically for OGOM updates whereas my own account (@BillBloodyHughe) might be full of things about eighteenth-century dialogues, cats, and what I’ve had to drink.

I want to arrange it so that OGOM Tweets will also be retweeted on our own accounts so that they’ll appear as usual. Just testing at the moment; there should be no reason for any of our Twitter followers to do anything, but you might want to follow @OGOMProject.

If this isn’t very clear (and I apologise) or if you have any suggestions, do please get in touch!

About William the Bloody

Cat lover. 18C scholar on the dialogue and novel. Co-convenor OGOM Project
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