Free Course: Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales

I came across this free on-line course on Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales, presented by The Hans Christian Andersen Centre at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense, Denmark, via Future Learn (with whom I’m also doing a fascinating course on Reading in the Digital Age).

I’m enjoying it very much; I plan to report on it in a bit more detail for the blog but I thought I’d post something now so that anyone who is interested can get involved. The introductory week has finished (it’s a six-week course), but there’s still time to get involved (I cought up just today, in fact). The next few weeks promise detailed close readings of Anderesen’s tales and his dual strategy of writing for the childlike mind while appealing to adult readers and suggesting adult themes.

And I’ve already bumped into the OGOM Company of Wolves contributor, Charmaine Tanti! So come and join us; the online course is quite a fascinating communal experience, and new to me.

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