Call for chapters: Pyrotechnics: The Incandescent Imagination of Angela Carter

Angela Carter is no stranger to these pages–she is crucial in giving literature of the fantastic/Gothic its subversive edge and in the transformation of genres that fuels much OGOM research. The editors of a forthcoming collection, Dr Charlotte Crofts (Associate Professor Filmmaking) and Dr Marie Mulvey-Roberts (Associate Professor Literature) at UWE Bristol, request submissions for chapters here.

This book seeks to critically explore Angela Carter’s legacy and showcase the current state of Angela Carter scholarship, aiming to give new insights into the pyrotechnic creativity of Angela Carter and to pay tribute to her often incendiary imagination, as well as re-assessing her impact and importance for the twenty-first century. Chapters should seek to move on from well-rehearsed arguments and offer new and original scholarship, challenging the mythologisation of Angela Carter as the often sanitised “white Witch of English Literature” to explore her wider influences and influence, such as in recognising her subversive humour, irreverence and the unsettling effect of her work across a range of literary forms and media.

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