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Why May is the Month of the Wolf

May is turning out to be the month of the wolf. Last week saw the news of the first Danish wolf pack in 200 years  and Kaja has reported that revellers at May Day celebrations in the UK witnessed the … Continue reading

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The Wolf Moon and the Month of Wolves

Tonight is a full moon, and also the wolf moon. January was once referred to as Wulf-monath (wolf month) in Saxon, and it’s full moon takes its name from the possibility that in this bitter month wolves could still be heard howling in … Continue reading

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Unleash Your Inner Werewolf 29 Feb

February is said to be ‘Otsaila’ – ‘month of the wolf’; on 29 February we are inviting you to join us for a special event to celebrate ten years of the Open Graves, Open Minds project and to launch our new book In the Company … Continue reading

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UK Werewolf Hauntings: Are We Living in Gothic Times?

In the opening decades of the twenty-first century, with Trump in the White House and Brexit on the horizon, Angela Carter’s famous assertion of 1974 that ‘we live in Gothic times’ has never been more apt. This theme of ‘Gothic … Continue reading

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Redeeming the Wolf / Reclaiming the (Were)Wolf

As I am sure you are aware, it’s only three days until our Being Human event, ‘Redeeming the Wolf: A Story of Persecution, Loss and Rediscover’. There’s still time to book if you wish to learn more about wolves. I … Continue reading

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Lamenting the Last Wolf: lupine lovers of the world unite

To say I have had quite a few conversations about wolves over the last two years would be  an understatement. My PhD student Kaja, familiar to followers of this blog, researches werewolves and another Matt, has written an entire book … Continue reading

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White Wolves in and out of the Academy

OGOM is keeping track of wolf related stories ahead of the Being Human Festival in November. I posted earlier that May is the month of the wolf and Dr Catherine Spooner, a plenary at the now legendary Company of Wolves … Continue reading

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Session Speakers and Abstracts

* Click on the arrows to expand author biographies and abstracts of papers. 1. Marita Arvaniti (University of Glasgow) Marita Arvaniti is a PhD student in the University of Glasgow. Her research examines the lasting effect theatre has had in … Continue reading

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Generation Dead: The Shiver Workshop

This post is a little late (mainly due to the distractions of moving house and trying to teach myself basic plumbing skills alongside managing a PhD and moonlighting as a tour guide at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre) so apologies for my … Continue reading

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Black Dogs and Hell Hounds

Ted Hughes described this time of year as ‘The month of the drowned dog’ in his evocative poem ‘November’ where after long rain ‘the land  was sodden as the bed of an ancient lake/ Treed with iron and was bird … Continue reading

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