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The Strange Case of the Gubblecote Witch

I read this account of the Gubblecote Witch in a very old pamphlet on Gothick Hertfordshire, uncovered on a market stall in Hitchin.  For some reason I was really unsettled by this story, which is a true one, it took … Continue reading

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Generation Dead: YA and the Gothic – An Announcement

If you have already read Sam’s post, ‘Vampire and Undead Studies 2016-17’, you’ll know that I have received some incredibly exciting news. As of the final week of September this year I will be teaching the module ‘Generation Dead: YA … Continue reading

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Vampire and Undead Studies 2016-17

Maybe we had found the perfect moment in history, the perfect balance between the monstrous and the human, the time when the ‘vampire romance’ born in my imagination […] should find its greatest enhancement (Lestat). It is seven years since … Continue reading

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Fairy Tale Films

Some interesting recommendations here of ten fairy tale films that are not so mainstream. I’ve seen five of these, and am intrigued by the rest. Adaptations of Grimm, Perrault, and Andersen appear, of course, but also tales from the Arabian … Continue reading

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Alan Garner — review essay

Alan Garner is one of the finest fantasy writers for children, though his work goes beyond both that genre and that audience. Michael Newton, in an excellent essay here, reviews First Light, ‘a festschrift of essays, reminiscences, poems and stories … Continue reading

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Gothic Blooms: The Dark Poetics of Botany

It is quite hard to combine my two research strands on botany and the gothic but I do like to experiment with gothic blooms in my garden. I grew this red chocolate sunflower as a  dark counterpart to the sunshine yellow variety! … Continue reading

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Blood and Mermaids: Limerick 2016

If our bodies are books of blood, then they can be read; we invite such readings and contributions where blood is the signifier. We are also interested in the analyses and representation of the literal presence of blood in our … Continue reading

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5 YA Sci-Fi & Fantasy Series Adults Need to Read

Some very appealing suggestions here for Young Adult SF and fantasy. I’m not sure how they overlap with paranormal romance but I’ll be investigating these.

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Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber televised

I have to confess I’m not usually a fan of high/epic fantasy, but I make an exception for Roger Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber series, where the quasi-medieval world of Amber overlaps with our own and a host of shady worlds … Continue reading

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Fairy tale and the bizarre

A very stimulating essay here by Tobias Carroll, ‘Why we love weird fairy tales’, tracing the career of the unsettling imagery found in the original fairy tale–here, particularly Giambattista Basile’s seventeenth-century collection The Tale of Tales. Carroll then shows the … Continue reading

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