Gothic Blooms: The Dark Poetics of Botany

It is quite hard to combine my two research strands on botany and the gothic but I do like to experiment with gothic blooms in my garden. I grew this red chocolate sunflower as a  dark counterpart to the sunshine yellow variety!


I have recently contributed to an exhibition entitled Poetic Botany: Art and Science in the Eighteenth Century which is hosted by New York Botanical Gardens and convened by Ryan Feigenbaum (Andrew M. Mellon Fellow). You can view the details of my work on women and the sexuality of botany on the contributor pages here.  I am hoping there are some gothic gardeners amongst us that might appreciate a forage on this botanical site. I’d love to hear from you if you have grown anything  gothicky in your own garden!

About Sam George

Associate Professor of Research, School of Humanities, University of Hertfordshire Co-convenor OGOM Project
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