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Jack Zipes on the Sorcerer’s Apprentice

The renowned fairy tale critic Jack Zipes has a new book out on the diverse manifestations of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice motif in folklore and literature, from Lucian and Ovid, through the Grimms, to Harry Potter. There’s a thought-provoking interview with … Continue reading

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Fairy Tale Hybridity: What Kind of Animal is Beast in ‘Beauty and the Beast’?

‘Beauty and the Beast’ belongs to the Animal Groom cycle of fairy tales alongside ‘The Frog King’ and ‘Cupid and Psyche’.  I have always been intrigued by what kind of animal Beast is in this tale.  In his twenty first-century … Continue reading

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More on Fairy Tale Fashion

Following on from Kaja’s post on the Fairy Tale Fashion exhibition in New York, here’s a short piece on the fashion for fairy tale and fairy tale in fashion, suggesting the utopian components of fairy tale (as explored by the … Continue reading

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Michael Dirda reviews five fairy-tale books

A review of new books on the fairy tale by Marina Warner and Jack Zipes (including the first translation into English of the first edition of Grimm’s Tales), but also of two books from Princeton University Press’s Oddly Modern Fairy … Continue reading

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Rowan Williams: why we need fairy tales now more than ever

Rowan Williams reviews Marina Warner’s new book, Jack Zipes’s translation of the Grimms, and Malcolm Lyons’s translation of early Arabic wonder tales, and discusses the power of the fairy tale in a fascinating essay-review.

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