Demon Lovers, Crime, and the Gothic at Bath Spa

I had a great time yesterday at Bath Spa University giving a presentation on the evolution of the Demon Lover in Gothic Romance and paranormal romance. I was invited by my doppelgänger Prof. Bill Hughes and heard a variety of excellent papers from postgraduates on the MA in Crime and Gothic Fictions, covering such diverse topics as eco-Gothic, natural disaster, serial bingeing, embodiment, urban legends, and Scottish Gothic. I’d like to thank Bill and everyone who came for such a stimulating conversation.

If anyone wants to hear more on the development of the Demonic Lover in their role as vampire, there is still time to come and see me and some very notable scholars of the Gothic talk on the origins of the literary vampire in John Polidori’s The Vampyre, whose bicentenary we are celebrating at this fabulous symposium.

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