CFPs and Events: Frankenstein, Buffy, horror, hauntology, 1980s, death and the sacred

Quite a few calls for papers and articles here. We’ve also added two new useful links – Gothic Feminism and the journal Thinking Horror.

1. Call for articles: Deadline Extended till 15 April 2019 – Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies issue no. 18

2. Call for Papers: Edited collection Frankenstein’s Lives: Shelley’s Novel as Cultural Phenomenon. Deadline 20 May 2019

3. Manuscripts wanted for new series Critical Conversations in Horror Studies

4. CFP Buffy and the Bible, University of Sheffield, 4-5 July 2019. Deadline 18 March 2019

Part of the Gothic Bible Project, and following our inaugural Gothic Bible conference in 2017 (which you can read all about here) ‘Buffy and the Bible’ will take the hit show Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) as a case study to interrogate the relationship between religion and popular culture, and we welcome papers and posters that explore this theme in any aspect of the Buffyverse.

5. CFP symposium: The Gothic 1980s: The decade that scared us, Manchester Metropolitan University, 8 June 2019. Deadline 29 March 2019.

But why the Gothic grip on a decade many see as a time of electronic dance music, brash pop culture and new technology? ‘The Gothic 1980s: The decade that scared us’ is a symposium determined to stretch beyond the stereotypes attached to the era and invites participants to delve into the themes of what was ultimately a divisive, often dark, and certainly fascinating, decade.

6. A free panel discussion: HAUNT Manchester and Not Quite Light present: Following Hauntology: twilight streets and dark horizons, Manchester Metropolitan University, 27 March 2019

A panel discussion featuring a number of academics, artists and innovators discussing ideas and themes around Hauntology. Hauntology is a way of thinking about our world as intrinsically ghostly; one in which our present is always already ghosted by unresolved pasts and unrealised futures.

7. Death and the Sacred Symposium, 22 March 2019, Manchester Metropolitan University.

This symposium will focus on literature, arts and practice where individuals, groups, artists and writers explore a range of topics and themes deemed sacred and their interaction with death. Across all religions and cultures, death and dying has always loomed over sacred sites, texts, practises and journeys, and death has always commanded ritual and sacred attention. The theme ‘death and the sacred’, therefore, provides a fruitful topic for thinking about how the uniquely ordained, set aside, extraordinary features of particular locations and sites, bodies, practises and belief systems are influenced, reformed and repurposed by death.

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