Daisy Butcher: OGOM Doctoral Student

I am just posting to say that OGOM has a new PhD student in Daisy Butcher. Some of you may have met Daisy at the Company of Wolves conference where she was one of our key helpers. She has since gone on to complete her MA (where she excelled in the vampire module) and begin her doctoral studies. Daisy is already a regular on the gothic conference circuit and was awarded best student paper at the Gothic Networking Day at the University of Sheffield (her very first conference paper). She recently presented at the University of Kent and at the Postgraduate conference at the University of Hertfordshire in October where she spoke on the female mummy. She is a big Buffy fan and has written on the notion of consent versus rape in vampire sexual liaisons in the series. Daisy’s doctoral research is on the vagina dentata myth and the monstrous mother in a number of literary and filmic manifestations and representations (monstrous plants, Krakens, mummies, vampires, dragons). Needless to say it is a very rich project. If you haven’t met Daisy yet she will be presenting at the OGOM/Supernatural Cities Urban Weird conference in April and you can read her short piece on Menopause and the Female Mummy’s Curse in the journal of Medical and Health Humanities. Daisy is supervised by myself and Dr Darren Elliot-Smith of queer horror fame. She will be blogging on the site about her research in the near future.

Well done for all your achievements Daisy. I’m excited to see how your project develops. I am sure you have got it all wrapped up (mummy pun intended)!

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  1. firekrank says:

    Congratulations, Daisy! Welcome on board. What a wonderful subject matter.

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