OGOM: ‘Company of Wolves’, conference July 2015

Going to be blogging too about the fabulous ‘Company of Wolves’ event OGOM is  presenting in July of this year. I am holding off posting the full CFP for a few days until I have heard from the wonderful duo that is Anne Rice and Neil Jordan. Shouldn’t be long now. So far the plenary speakers include Sir Chris Frayling doing the closing keynote on Angela Carter and werewolves and two of the original  OGOM  researchers, Dr Catherine Spooner and Dr Stacey Abbott.

Stacey’s talk, “Creatures of the Night, What Music They Make’: The Sound of the Cinematic Werewolf’, will consider the aural landscape of the werewolf film from the Werewolf of London to the Underworld franchise and Catherine, forever straddling the boundaries between comfort and outrage, will present on ‘Wearing the Wolf’: Wolves, Fur and Fashion, from Nineteenth-Century Werewolf Stories to Alexander McQueen’. This is going to be a wolfishly one off conference! Approaching some gifted writers too. More soon.

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