Seasonal Support for your Gothic Habit

Whilst I hate to disagree with T. S. Eliot, I am here to tell him that April is not the cruellest month. It’s January. Or February. Or March. Essentially it’s the months after Christmas when you remember anew that Winter is far from over.

This is where I like to rely on my support systems to make sure that I don’t get swamped by a deluge of S.A.D. Something which I find staves off the chill of the long winter nights is a good radio drama. And just in time I notice that the BBC iPlayer has uploaded a smorgasbord of Gothic delicacies. There is a new version of Dracula, a monstrous spoof entitled Victoria Van Helsing and the Curse of Crossmyloof, and a whole section dedicated to The Lunar Effect. 

I plan to curl up with a hot chocolate, my cross stitch, and listen to my heart’s content. See you in Spring.

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  1. Thanks Kaja that looks perfect….snow man soup, pumpkin spice and gingerbread cocoa sound divine too…will treat myself and arrange my cats as slippers..whilst I listen to the radio 4 on wolves and ‘In Our Time’ on blood (which I have just discovered). Rock and roll it ain’t but irresistible for these gloomy nights…..eggnog anyone?

    • firekrank says:

      What’s Snow Man soup? How many Snow Men did you kill to make it? I will have to download the ‘In Our Time’ on blood. I listened to the one on behavioural ecology last night whilst out running. The back catalogue of ‘In Our Time’ is fabulous. If January, as the name suggests, is a time for looking backward and forward, then it means we really should remain still in our bodies and minds. (This is code for ‘chillax most of the time’).

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