New Year Resolutions for Vampires: Happy 2015

Wondering what new year resolutions vampires might make and how they might feel at this time of year I felt compelled to turn to the most existential and questioning of texts below. A text in which the vampire is luminous and shimmering. The year is 1976 …three decades BT (i.e. Before Twilight) and the vampire is as magnificently radiant as an angel bringing joyous tidings (‘a shimmer of light now hung behind his head like the backdrop of an apparition’). Vampirism here ‘is a bit like being in love’.

‘I thought of what lay before me throughout the world and throughout time, and resolved to go about it delicately and reverently, learning that from each thing which would take me best to another. What this meant I wasn’t sure myself. Do you understand me when I say I do not wish to run headlong into experience?’
(Interview with the Vampire, p. 37)

Happy New Year OGOMers everywhere…..hope you experience such awakened senses in 2015!!


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  1. firekrank says:

    I love this. About the only New Year’s resolution that I can stomach. Far better than one about amending my diet and lifestyle – although to be truly vampiric, I could resolve to eat more black pudding.

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