Director’s skull stolen by vampire hunters: is this why Bram Stoker has no tomb?

I was speaking on Nosferatu recently in Romania where I was discussing what happened to the Dracula myth when it shifted to Germany in 1922. Imagine my surprise when I learned this morning  that the director of this film had his head stolen in an occult act of worship and/or grave digging!! Thanks to @princeofcats for alerting me to the grim news. You can read the full story here: Vampire Director’s Head Stolen from Grave in Germany.

Is this why Stoker has no tomb I wonder? We discovered that the place where his body is interred is kept very secret and not even Dacre Stoker (great-grand-nephew of Bram) had seen it prior to our visit there for the Centenary. Here is proof that we did get there….seeing the name on the urn was very unsettling indeed.


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