Grave Diggers Steal Vampire Director’s Skull: Is this why Bram Stoker has no Tomb ?

I was presenting on Nosferatu recently whilst in Romania and talking about what happened when the Dracula myth shifted to Germany in 1922. Today I was surprised to read that Murnau’s head had been stolen from his grave in Germany in an act of twenty-first-century occult worship and grave robbing!! You can read the story in The Guardian here:Nosferatu Director’s Head Stolen from Grave in Germany. I expect this is why Stoker has no grave, as we discovered when we visited the place of his internment at the Centenary. The whereabouts of this are kept very secret and not even Dacre Stoker (great-grand-nephew of Bram)  had seen it prior to accompanying us on our trip…here’s proof that we did actually find it…

us on our trip……. stokerurn

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