Burn the Witch

I’ve just been alerted to this by a friend. The music alone is wonderful; the subject and the brilliant video make it a must for OGOM. We were chatting below about disco and Gothic; Sam commented there about folk Gothic and we’ve been delving into witches for a while now. This has all those themes in a disturbing undercurrent to English whimsical pastoral. I don’t think I need to say ‘Wicker Man’ really, but . . .

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4 Responses to Burn the Witch

  1. Lucy Northenra says:

    Nver thought I would see a mash up of Joan of Arc, Trumpton and the Wicker Man….genius. The Wicker man featured in the folk gothic section of the BL gothic exhibtion. I found this part of the show to be the most compelling in some ways as it was introducing new ideas and really interrogating contemporary gothic well.

    • William the Bloody says:

      It’s amazing, isn’t it? I must listen to the lyrics more carefully; I think there’s some political subtext there.
      Wish I’d seen the BL event, though.

  2. firekrank says:

    Oddly enough, Duncan made me watch this last night. He’s a fan of the Wicker Man – it’s about the only Gothic film he enjoys. I thought it was very clever and definitely political if Radiohead’s last stuff is anything to go by. Also, if you like Thom Yorke being strange, you’ll love this video by Adam Buxton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7MkQJuaOrc.

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