Online Launch of Twenty-First-Century Gothic: An Edinburgh Companion 26th May 6-7.30 pm GMT

Editors: Maisha Wester and Xavier Aldana Reyes

You are cordially invited to register attendance to the free paperback launch of the book Twenty-First Century Gothic and the associated digital event on the 26th of May (6-7.30 pm GMT):

Please see details of the book below including a chapter by OGOM Scholars Sam George and Kaja Franck on the ‘Contemporary Werewolf’. This book is used as a text book for the University of Hertfordshire module ‘Generation Dead: YA Fiction and the Gothic’, led by Sam.

We hope to see you there.


The first transnational and transmedia companion to the post-millennial Gothic. This book explores the post-millennial Gothic. It emphasises ‘new’ themes and emergent subgenres as well as revisions of the traditional Gothic, thus pressing readers to interrogate the multi-layered, multi-vocal conversations that occur within the Gothic in the new century. The areas of coverage engaged in this collection are parts of emerging interdisciplinary fields, and the book will thus be at the forefront of discussions about subgenres, such as Afro-futurism, Gothic comedy and Steampunk, as well as transnational and ethnic forms of the Gothic. It provides preeminent scholarship for those interested in discovering more about the development of the Gothic in recent years and its immediate relevance to our times. The 20 chapters provide the most detailed, demonstrate analytical exploration of this young field than ever before.

Part I Updating the Tradition

Chapter 1 Postcolonial Gothic

Sarah Ilott

Chapter 2 Queer Gothic

Andrew J. Owens

Chapter 3 Postfeminist Gothic

Gina Wisker

Chapter 4 Neoliberal Gothic

Linnie Blake

Chapter 5 Gothic Digital Technologies

Joseph Crawford

Part II Contemporary Monsters

Chapter 6 Contemporary Zombies

Xavier Aldana Reyes

Chapter 7 Contemporary Vampires

Sorcha Ní Fhlainn

Chapter 8 Contemporary Serial Killers

Bernice M. Murphy

Chapter 9 Contemporary Ghosts

Murray Leeder

Chapter 10 Contemporary Werewolves

Kaja Franck and Sam George

Part III Contemporary Subgenres

Chapter 11 The New Weird

Carl H. Sederholm

Chapter 12 Ecogothic

Sharae Deckard

Chapter 13 Gothic Comedy

Catherine Spooner

Chapter 14 Steampunk

Claire Nally

Chapter 15 Posthuman Gothic

Anya Heise-von der Lippe

Part IV Ethnogothic

Chapter 16 South African Gothic

Rebecca Duncan

Chapter 17 Asian Gothic

Katarzyna Ancuta

Chapter 18 Latin American Gothic

Enrique Ajuria Ibarra

Chapter 19 Aboriginal Gothic

Katrin Althans

Chapter 20 Black Diasporic Gothic

Maisha Wester

About Sam George

Associate Professor of Research, School of Humanities, University of Hertfordshire Co-convenor OGOM Project
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