Twilight: feminism and fandom

A pale young man fills the top left of the poster, standing over a brown-haired young woman on the right, with the word "twilight" on the lower right.It’s the ten-year anniversary of the first film of Stephenie Meyers’s Twilight series (Twilight, dir. by Catherine Hardwicke), the YA vampire paranormal romance which became a sensation. Both book and film, and the adulation both received, attracted much criticism, often from a feminist perspective that objected to the values portrayed but often in a way that disparaged the books and films’ admirers. These two articles reappraise what was a significant cultural phenomenon, restoring some agency to the fans themselves. I don’t think the questions on the feminist or otherwise force of Twilight are resolved here, however.

Kate Muir, ‘Ten years of Twilight: the extraordinary feminist legacy of the panned vampire saga

Tom Beasley, ‘Twilight forever: how superfans kept the vampire critics at bay


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