CFPs: 19C vampires, radical YA lit, revisiting the Gothic

An edited collection and two conferences seeking contributions:

1. Call for articles for A Feast of Blood: the Vampire in the Nineteenth Century. Deadline: 31 January 2019.

We invite essay proposals on the vampire figure in the long nineteenth century.  Our edited collection will look at the vampire figure’s rise in popularity throughout the period and across a range of literary texts.

2. CFP: Radical Young People’s Literature & Culture, 29-30 March 2019, Marino Institute of Education, Dublin 9, Ireland. Deadline: 7 December 2018.

This conference will explore the experimental, subversive and/or disruptive potential of Irish and international literature and culture for young people. The conference will also consider the extent to which children’s and young-adult texts and culture can promote, cultivate and/or establish radical representations and ideas.

3. CFP: Revisiting the Gothic in Literature and the Visual Arts (18-Enero-2019, UCAM), Catholic University of Murcia, 18 January 2019. Deadline: 3 December 2018.

This interdisciplinary conference will analyse and discuss the transformations undergone by the Gothic genre since the late 1970s up to today within the fields of fiction, the visual arts and other forms of popular culture. Special emphasis will fall on the appropriation and reformulation routines in the works under assessment plus the continuity (or discontinuity) of classic tropes.


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