The Icelandic Dracula

Fascinating article by Hans Corneel de Roos on an Icelandic vampire novel from 1900 which has a curious hypertextual relationship with Bram Stoker’s Dracula (‘hypertextual’ is Gérard Genette’s term for that variety of intertextuality where one text is modelled on or transformed from another).

I didn’t realise Sam had mentioned this in a previous post, where she reports on Prof. Clive Bloom’s research on this same book at the Beliefs and Behaviours in Education and Culture conference at the University of Timisoara last year.

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  1. I was giving a keynote alongside Clive Bloom’s In Romania last year and he presented on this Icelandic version of Dracula. There are many uncertainties and ambiguities that need to be addressed many of which I discussed in my analysis of Stoker’s legacy when reviewing the conference on the blog. Please see the link below for further insights and opinions on this:

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