Spectral Visions: The Creative Journey

The Spectral Visions group of Gothic researchers at the University of Sunderland have started a new blog to document their creative activities.

Dr Alison Younger and Jenah Colledge very kindly asked me to contribute, so I’ve written a frivolous Walpurgisnacht poem to celebrate Gothic aesthetics and study; it’s been posted here:
Night of the Gorgeous Goth Girls’

Here’s their manifesto:

Welcome to the new creative blog of Spectral Visions. This sister blog will focus on the extra creative talents and interests of our visionaries, students from the University, alumni’s and academics. From theatre to photography, each article will take you along a different path into the Gothic wilderness, through visual delight.
Be prepared to be amazed, as we entice your darkest desires!

About William the Bloody

Cat lover. 18C scholar on the dialogue and novel. Co-convenor OGOM Project
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