Real-Life Vampires

In the run-up to Halloween there have been quite a few articles published on the subject of things that go bump in the night. This includes quite a few on the subject of real-life vampires: to be clear, these are people who profess to requiring blood or energy – psychic or otherwise – from living creatures to survive. Often these people also present with symptoms that we would associate with the vampire from popular culture such as anaemia and sensitivity to sunlight. This is not just people who like to dress up as vampires in their spare time.

The Independent published an article about vampires living in Louisiana which was thoughtful and compassionate. Though the Metro goes for a more salacious title, ‘Interview with a vampire: Here’s what real vampires do on Halloween’, the interview with the aforementioned vampire is informative and engaging. Perhaps the next What We Do in the Shadows will be called What We Do Openly and Without Fear of Recrimination.

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