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Awaiting the Easter Fairy

Well, as promised here is the fairy door in my garden…now awaiting the Easter fairy!

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Gothic Pace Eggs

If you are short of a few pace egg ideas here are some fun gothicky ones which caught my eye and made me smile!

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Fairy Doors and the Fey at Easter

March 20th marked the equinox this year. There is a special calendar to mark these. Apparently an equinox occurs twice a year in spring and autumn when the Sun crosses the plane of the Earth’s equator.  Derived from a Latin term … Continue reading

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A Dark Reading List for Your Inner Teen Goth

Exactly what it sounds like; a diverse and intriguing list of recommendations by Alison Nastasi, including Anne Rice, Edward Gorey, Neil Gaiman, and Sade.

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Holly Black interview

Holly Black, for me, is one of the very best writers of YA paranormal romance. She is the author of the powerful vampire dystopia novel The Coldest Girl in Coldtown (which is on the Generation Dead module), of the Curse … Continue reading

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Re-imagining Fairy Tales

A favourite OGOM topic (well, for me anyway!) is the transformation of classic fairy tales into (mostly YA) paranormal romances and allied genres. Here, the bare motifs of the fairy tale are invigorated by giving novelistic flesh to the characters … Continue reading

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The Witch and Fast Anchor Film Festival 2017

An opportunity for up-and-coming film makers to submit entries to this festival and perhaps win an award. This site also features a review by Charlotte Haley of Robert Eggars’s current film The Witch: A New England Folk-Tale; Charlotte draws briefly … Continue reading

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CFP: Representations of Romantic Relationships and the Romance Genre in Contemporary Women’s Writing, Saturday 11th June 2016, Sheffield Hallam University

For any postgraduates interested in the hybrid genre that is Paranormal Romance, this symposium by the Postgraduate Contemporary Women’s Writing Network looks an excellent opportunity to enter the much-contested debate about the Romance element. I’ve mentioned briefly before here how … Continue reading

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Generation Dead: The Shiver Workshop

This post is a little late (mainly due to the distractions of moving house and trying to teach myself basic plumbing skills alongside managing a PhD and moonlighting as a tour guide at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre) so apologies for my … Continue reading

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My kind of fairies!

I love these down-to-earth urban fairies!

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