Fairy Doors and the Fey at Easter

March 20th marked the equinox this year. There is a special calendar to mark these. Apparently an equinox occurs twice a year in spring and autumn when the Sun crosses the plane of the Earth’s equator.  Derived from a Latin term meaning “equal night”, an equinox happens when the centre of the Sun is observed directly above a certain location on the Earth’s equator.  But in folklore equinoxes are mystical moments when  magical power touches the Earth. Hope you enjoy this magical phase therefore. If you are feeling creative you can make a fairy door to encourage the Easter fairy to visit. I am going to do this in my garden!



If you are one of the non believers (shame on you) I recommend a reading of Julia Kagawa’s The Iron King  reviewed here to introduce you to the modern fey and the contemporary never never and you will never never look back! Have a magical spring OGOMERS beware of white rabbits with pocket watches…

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3 Responses to Fairy Doors and the Fey at Easter

  1. William the Bloody says:

    I’d love a fairy door like these and would welcome the more benevolent Faery Folk! I have a cat flap–will that do? Actually, Morticia and Gomez would probably eat them anyway.
    I second the recommendation of Kagawa’s The Iron King. I have a paper on this, which you can download: ‘Landscapes of Romance: Generic Boundaries and Epistemological Dialectics in the Paranormal Romance of Julie Kagawa’s The Iron King‘. I must polish it into an article sometime.

  2. Nice information, summer is full of energy in the northern hemisphere. Every living thing needs sun light to live. like plants, flowers, crops, wildlife, humans etc. Nature has its different shades, these flowers are the attraction of deserts. Which survive in hot and dry weather. Planet earth has lots to offer.. Be gracious to the planet and keep it clean… 🙂

  3. Spring equinox is celebrated in my area too. We have got this festival from the Central Asian origin. Our ancestors came from Badakhshan (a province in Afghanistan), central Asian countries celebrate this day as Nowruz meaning the new day. We call it the first day of the year. The first month of Dari Afghani calendar “Hamal” starts from March 21.

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