The Sparkly Vampire Returns

It appears that the Twilight Saga will be returning to our screen in the form of a series of short films to be released on Facebook – so less big screen, more mini-screen. Each short film will deal with one of the characters in the novels/ films leading to an interesting engagement with fan-fiction and fan-lead engagement with the text. (Let’s not forget that the Fifty Shades series started as fan-fiction). The power of fan-fiction and online fan response is making producers, writers, and directors increasingly empower their fans allowing them to make decisions. This is incredibly interesting in terms of the effect it has on the relationship between the author, the text, and the reader. Something which has always been area of discussion especially in regards to the Gothic and the female readers.

Lions Gate and Stephenie Meyer will be looking for five aspiring female directors to take the reins. The use of female directors raises some questions: Is this decision informed by the criticisms regarding the decision to replace Catherine Hardwicke? (Although it was later shown that this decision was on the part of Hardwicke herself). Or is it in retaliation to critics who suggest that the Twilight Saga is anti-woman or at least anti-feminist?

Whatever the reasons, it will be interesting to see what happens with these shorts and to see how they are received. And as a fan of vampires who sparkle I will be waiting with bated breath.

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