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Dr Leah Phillips, a researcher in YA literature, has set up a marvellous resource, the YA Literature, Media, and Culture Research Network website. This is still being developed but already holds a useful database of YA literature researchers, a news section, CFPs, and a reading list. I’ve added a link in our Related Links section on the Blog and Resources pages of this site.

As part of her intention to promote networking in the field, Leah welcomes details for her database, so do please add your details. You can do this via the online spreadsheet here.

Leah Phillips is, as she says on her blog, ‘an inter-disciplinarian with a particular interest in children’s and YA literature, the discursive category of adolescence, and the embodied state of being an adolescent girl. I’m also fascinated by contemporary media culture’s role in the production of adolescence/adolescent girls as well as how adolescent girls speak back to those productions’.

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