Mythology and folklore, contemporary legend

Two great new resources here–I’ve added them to the Related Links sections on the right-hand side of the Blog and Resources pages.

First, a rich compendium of folklore and myth from a wide range of cultures; it’s the course content for the Myth & Folklore module taught at the University of Oklahoma.

Then, the new Centre for Contemporary Legend at Sheffield Hallam University, who are also planning ‘an academic conference devoted to folklore on screen‘. We wish them luck:

The National Centre for English Cultural Tradition (NATCECT), founded in the 1960s at the University of Sheffield, established Sheffield as the only city in England with a dedicated folklore centre that combined teaching, research and archives. In the early 1980s, the university hosted a series of Contemporary Legend conferences that helped confirm Sheffield as a centre for the study of what are now popularly referred to as “urban” or “modern” legends. Sadly, NATCECT closed in 2008, and we feel that the time is right for Sheffield Hallam (SHU) to launch a new ‘Centre’ for legend studies, building upon the established reputation of Sheffield as a centre for scholarship in this area.


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