Angela Carter: BBC Documentary and The Angela Carter Society

Angela Carter’s work has been one of the centres OGOM’s research has revolved around, particularly since our very successful 2015 Company of Wolves conference. My own writing on paranormal romance has covered both werewolf narratives (for example, my chapter on the YA novel Shiver) and Carter herself; Sam George has been exploring the borders between humanity and animality through wild children narratives (as did Carter herself); and Kaja Franck’s recently completed PhD thesis was an innovative  analysis of the werewolf in literature. Much of this research, along with that of delegates from the conference and including my Carter chapter, will be appearing soon in two publications: In the Company of Wolves: Werewolves, Wolves, and Wild Children – Narratives of Sociality and Animality, ed. by Sam George and Bill Hughes (Manchester University Press, 2019) and a special Werewolves and Wildness issue of Gothic Studies.

There is a superb BBC2 documentary showing on iPlayer for a limited period, Of Wolves & Women, and an article on Carter on the BBC website, ‘Radical writing: Was Angela Carter ahead of her time?‘.

There are also details here on how to join the Angela Carter Society (though subscriptions don’t open till 1 September).

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