The Wolves are coming closer!

We’re getting some excellent press coverage for the Company of Wolves conference (albeit with a few inaccuracies here and there); now on the BBC front page. Great to see Kaja fielding questions about her research to interested parties!! If any one asks there are still places (see Company of Wolves tab above). Keep an eye out for more stories…..

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  1. Lynn Kent says:

    Please note that the visit to the UK Wolf Conservation Trust is a talk & tour & does not include a wolf walk. –

  2. Hi Lynn,
    ‘Walking with wolves’ is our imaginative title for the event no need to worry we know exactly what the talk and tour are but for the purposes of programme we are ‘walking with wolves’. Everything in the programme has a nice title and we worked really hard on this. We have leaflets from you for all the packs and have been careful to mention the trust directly in any publicity. This will raise awareness of the excellent work you do and might even result in further donations. Really looking forward to our visit. Thanks for posting.

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