The Werewolf as Spectre Wolf

Here’s a quick update on my werewolf research trending ahead of Halloween. I’m going to be doing some radio over the next few days and I’ll be taking part in The Big Conversation on Friday which is where academics pitch their research to a wider audience and attempt to create a dialogue worldwide. I will be writing my piece tonight.

Also I wanted to make mention of this wonderful painting. Whilst I was in Manchester I made a special trip to see this work in Salford and it is the perfect image for my focus on the werewolf as spectre wolf. It was painted in 1904 by John Charles Dollman.


The story so far:

Paranormal/popular science coverage:

Local News

University News Pages,-says-expert

Look out for me on the airwaves over the weekend and don’t leave home without your wolf bane. I’ll be posting again on Halloween. Have a hauntingly good weekend. I can’t wait to hear what everyone is up to leading up to the witching hour!

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